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Goverment Incentives

The cash rebate for film productions in Malta is a government incentive that has been in place since 2013, offering a cash rebate of up to 40% on eligible expenditure incurred in Malta. The scheme is aimed at encouraging local and international producers to choose Malta as a filming location, and it has been highly successful in achieving this goal.

To qualify for the rebate, productions must meet certain criteria, such as a minimum spend in Malta, a certain percentage of Maltese crew and services utilized, and a commitment to promote Malta in the finished product. The exact requirements can vary depending on the nature of the production, but the Malta Film Commission provides clear guidance to ensure that producers are able to meet the necessary criteria.

The rebate is calculated based on the eligible expenditure incurred in Malta, which can include production costs such as crew salaries, accommodation, transport, equipment rental, location fees, and more. This rebate is applicable for both local and international productions, and there is no limit on the number of productions that can benefit from the scheme.

The rebate is paid directly to the producer after the production has wrapped and all the necessary paperwork has been submitted to the Malta Film Commission. The process is straightforward and efficient, with the commission working closely with producers to ensure that they receive their rebate as quickly as possible.

This cash rebate has been instrumental in attracting numerous international productions to Malta, including major blockbusters like Gladiator, Troy, and Assassin's Creed. It has helped put Malta on the map as a desirable filming location, not only for its stunning locations and favorable weather but also for the financial benefits that productions can receive through this rebate.

In addition to the cash rebate, Malta also offers a range of other incentives to make filming in the country more attractive. These include the absence of withholding taxes on foreign entertainers, a VAT exemption on certain expenses, and access to a pool of skilled local crew members and production services.

Overall, the cash rebate for film productions in Malta is a highly effective incentive that has helped establish the country as a premier filming location. It has allowed producers to save significantly on production costs, while also providing a boost to the local economy through increased tourism and employment opportunities

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